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Links from shows past

New Toothbrush

A new type of toothbrush that cost $6 every 6 months that brushes ALL your teeth at once in 10 seconds? Interested? Follow the link.

Dear Kentucky,

I found a decent Senator for you! Click to watch her video and VOTE FOR HER THIS NOVEMBER!!!!!

Justice Sought

White athlete let off the hook after doing WHAT?!? Sign this petition to remove this judge from the bench!

The Internet Arcade

Sign that petition for the judge, then come to this site and relax with over 600 FREE arcade games to play on your PC or MAC.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware

Is your computer as safe as you think it is? Might want to add this. There is a FREE version!

Star Wars Villain? Nope. It's a TIRE!

Good Year's new concept tire. This is really worth looking at since it is the future.