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We should start making sense. I'll go first!

What We Do Here

Rob Steele is here to give you your news burst where you will not only learn to appreciate life a little more but you'll easily find amusement with some of the pinheads that are allegedly "in charge" of the planet.

BUT WHAT DOES "FWOT" MEAN? It's a semi-politically (or maybe even poetically) correct abbreviation/contraction of "F**king What?" It's the kind of thing you'll want to say when you hear what's really going on out there. And you can use it in polite company too in situations such as:

Noah put two of every species of animal on the ark?




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The FWOT Shop The FWOT Shop
The FWOT Shop The FWOT Shop


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Whether we're trying to fix the planet or just tell you a good movie to watch, the main thing we want to do is make the world a better place. If that means making just one person happier at a time, so be it. That's what we'll do!

Rob Steele CEO, COYL Entertainment Network

Rob does a great job of making you laugh, and doesn't hold anything back!! Plus who doesn't love a show that has it's own new word... FWOT!

Kevdav123456789 Long-time listener

I like the show. I just wish he wouldn't use that kind of language.

Rob Steele Father of the host

A very humorous, yet topical view on current events, or whatever Rob can think of. I've defintely added to my roster!

Sean Logan Long-time listener

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The guy who wouldn't shut up - Rob Steele: